Fisheries in Cambodia

Rice is the most important crop grown in Cambodia, especially in the north of the country. Fishing in that area, however, is also very important, because the Tonle Sap is a rich resource for fish.

The fish harvest in Cambodia may not always be enough to meet demand, however. To deal with this problem, as well as increase their profit, some farmers have started their own fish farms by turning one or more of their fields into a fishpond.

In Cambodia there are several provinces where fish farms can be found nowadays. One of them is Kampong Chhnang, about 90 kilometres northwest of Phnom Penh, where freshwater fish are produced. Such an investment has both advantages and disadvantages. Although it may be a pleasure to fish in rivers and lakes, fish farms provide a more regular harvest. Such reliable production is one advantage. Another is that fish from fish farms are cheaper than those caught from rivers and lakes. During heavy rain or when there are floods, however, farmers may lose fish from their ponds. This risk is one of their disadvantages.

When you think about planting on the water, you might expect only water convolvulus, water lily… Anyway Mr. Hel Sokeoun, 60, the new Khmer farmer technologist explains how to plant vegetables on the water such as water convolvulus, cabbages, Nonong (edible plant similar to gourd), all kinds of herbs (mint, Vansuy, Neangvong, Phes, Krosangteab…), Kanhchhet (an edible aquatic plant which grow on water)…

Before he decided to grow these, he just only grew citronellas and herbs near the pagoda fence (Pocheng Tong pagoda). But he wasn’t able to protect his plants from cows. Then he could solve the problem when he saw the pagoda pond and asked the monk to farm his crops on it (which has 250 meters length and 50 meters width). He has defeated his experiments for 5 times because he could not keep the soil to stay on the water. One day, he tested to spread Perk (floating mass of debris resembling solid ground) over the water as ridges then he put the soil on it. He succeeded with this test. So he started growing his crops by boat. However the plants no need to be watered, no chemical fertilizer, clean, healthy, and get enough sunlight that make it blooms every seasons.

If you are interested and would like to get more information from him, you can contact his mobile phone: 012 658 432 or 016 744 030.

Khmer dictionary


This book written by Khmer scholar, Chourn Nat.

Baby Vox

It is the second time that BABY VOX, Korean girlband come to Cambodia, to perform a concert at CTN on 14th December. The ticket price is 5dollars( or 7dollar if i see on advertisement). Now i’m looking forward to see their dancing styles with the hit song such as: Shee, Catch me, Never say goodbye, ASAP…! Their members are Sori, Jin Kyong, Yeun Kyeuong, Eun ji, Min jin.

What a delicious food!

This is the food that Khmer people always cook. It is called Teuk Kreung (is a Khmer name which means water with seasoning). Why people like this? Well, It is a kind of Khmer traditional food and also contains Prahok (known as Khmer product). We can cook it easily because it needs a little ingredients: salt, sugar, garlic, horseradish, and the special thing is chili (the more it hot, the more it delicious) which we easy to find and buy. We cook it by mix the fish, Prahok water, and the ingredient above together then we taste if we can accept or not. We always have this Teuk Kreung with fresh vegetables such as water convolvulus, cucumber, water lily, cabbage, eggplant… all of these are full of vitamin to make your body healthy (but do not forget to wash it carefully!). Khmer people always use it for both lunch or dinner and also eat it with rice. Mmm! It’s absolutely delicious! 



Yum yum!! Very sweet! Nothing good than eating! ha ha…